Real talk.

It is better to give than to receive. That may be true but that is not always the case. You see the philosophy behind that quote is that it is better to give someone something and enjoy their happiness and appreciation than to just receive things. But what happens when you give and give but you never are appreciated or the appreciation is just a front? Is it still better to give? Well in my opinion it just sucks. You give someone something that you may have worked your ass off for or something that you could use yourself and you get no type of recognition for it. It kinda hurts you know? If someone is really trying to be a good friend or really put a lot of thought into something that they gave you, you better damn appreciate it. No matter how shitty it is just take it and love it, not for your sake but for the person who gave it to you. This world has TOO many inconsiderate people..

Ugly sweaters
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